We Happy Science gives our deepest sympathies and condolences to all those affected, including their families, friends, loved ones and those who live in Sri Lanka.

In this age of conflicts and difficulties, Happy Science sincerely wishes to provide real world answers to these urgent issues of racial intolerance — we have always spread the message that hatred can only be overcome by embracing love for one another, cultivating our wisdom and having faith in God, the supreme God of the Earth, El Cantare. We will continue to spread this message to the world.

“The Power of New Enlightenment”
Hatred cannot stop hatred. Hatred can produce only hatred. Only mercy can stop hatred. This is the eternal law. (…) I want to tell you about your mindset, future mindset. What mindset you should have? I want to say to you. What you think is what you are. It’s a Truth. Human being is not a material body. Human being is a soul, spiritual being. So what you think about all day long indicate who you are. So you must look into and examine your mind every day. And change your mindset to heavenly world. It’s very important.
Let us pray for Sri Lanka and the world to be one.