In regards to the New Zealand mosque massacre, Happy Science offers our deepest condolences to all those affected, including their families, friends, loved ones and those who live in New Zealand.

In this age of conflicts and difficulties, Happy Science sincerely wishes to provide real world answers to these urgent issues of immigration and racial intolerance — we have always spread the message that hatred can only be overcome by embracing love for one another, cultivating our wisdom and having faith in God, the supreme God of the Earth, El Cantare. We will continue to spread this message to the world.

From Love and Forgiveness

We should love those who seem to be our enemies and pray for those who seem to persecute us. Enemies do not really exist; enemies are only suffering from a misunderstanding.

So keep giving love, and keep praying from your heart for those who persecute you, for I guarantee that your sincerity will reach them someday. Wait patiently for them to change.

It is not about give-and-take. Never expect anything in return. Be like God, who gives without limit. It is our duty to give and keep giving.

Let us pray together for peace, tolerance, and love in the world. May God bless you all.