Category: Lecture
Recorded: September 26, 2019
Available at branches, local temples, main temples

Master Ryuho Okawa gave a lecture, “The Possession” (66 min) in English.

Master Okawa revealed in the lecture…
● Possession is a common phenomenon. It happens around you every day!?
● What is possession? A good possession v.s. a bad possession. Why does it happen?
● How to protect yourself from evil spirits and to solve the possession.
● The way to check whether you are possessed or not.
● Even the traditional religions and the Vatican cannot solve or vanquish possessions sufficiently. No other religion but Happy Science could conduct effective exorcisms.

and more…

Who is Master Ryuho Okawa?

Master Okawa, founder of Happy Science, is a living Buddha of the 21st century and a World Teacher of True Happiness. In the tradition of Shakyamuni Buddha, Jesus Christ, Confucius, and Moses, Master Okawa teaches the Truth and the principles that bring people true happiness and open the path to a new and better era. His teachings incorporate all truths discovered by enlightened humans that have become shining beacons of light throughout human history and creates new guiding principles necessary for contemporary society to live in peace, harmony and prosperity.

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