Category: Spiritual Message
Recorded: September 26, 2019
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What is spiritual messages?

Master Ryuho Okawa is capable of summoning any spirit from anywhere in the spirit world. He can then convey messages from these spirits through his vocal chords. These messages are recorded publicly, in front of an audience. In most cases, several interviewers engage in dialogue with the spirits by asking them questions. Master Okawa can also summon the guardian spirits of people who are living today and reveal their subconscious thoughts.

Here is the highlights of this spiritual message. To watch the full video, please contact your nearest branches, local temples, main temples !

Master Ryuho Okawa summoned the guardian spirit of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer (99 min) to hear about their real intention.

Questions asked to P.M Justin Trudeau’s Guardian Spirit
● You are a frontrunner to protect the LGBTQ people. Is this a strategy to gather the world’s attention?
● How do you see Xi Jinping of China?
● If you win the national election, what do you most want to do?
● What do you think is the ideal for Canada?

and more…

Questions asked to Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer’s Guardian Spirit
● What do you think is the problem with the liberal mind or liberal philosophy?
● What do you think of immigrants from China?
● What kind of spirit is guiding you?

and more…

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