Category: Spiritual Message
Recorded: September 25, 2019
Available at branches, local temples, main temples

What is spiritual messages?

Master Ryuho Okawa is capable of summoning any spirit from anywhere in the spirit world. He can then convey messages from these spirits through his vocal chords. These messages are recorded publicly, in front of an audience. In most cases, several interviewers engage in dialogue with the spirits by asking them questions. Master Okawa can also summon the guardian spirits of people who are living today and reveal their subconscious thoughts.

Master Ryuho Okawa summoned the guardian spirit of Greta Thunberg to check if there’s anything influencing her.

● What’s climate justice?
● Is there anyone who has influence on her?
● What kind of happiness are you aiming to spread?
● What’s the name of your God?
● Why did ‘you’ choose her?
and more…

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