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Master Okawa gave a lecture in English in Toronto, Canada on the day that commemorates the 33rd anniversary of Happy Science’s foundation. The number of lectures He gave then, had exceeded 3,000.

On October 6th, 2019 (before dawn of 7th Japan time) that commemorates the 33rd anniversary of Happy Science foundation, Master Ryuho Okawa gave a lecture, “The Reason We Are Here” and “Q&A,” at The Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto, a hotel in Toronto which is one of the biggest cities in Canada. He had achieved the 3,000th in His total number of lectures then. The holding of the lecture was widely announced in the local papers, public transportation, and the like. Some 700 people gathered at the venue, and the lecture was also broadcast simultaneously at 14 places in 7 countries (USA, Peru, Brazil, UK, France, Germany and Benin).

A welcoming program was held before the lecture, in which a staff member of Happy Science serving as the MC, who was born in Canada, explained with joy of welcoming Master Okawa to Canada for the first time and also with a video which introduces Master Okawa and the Happy Science Group: That day was the commemorative day of Happy Science’s founding. Master Okawa has been preaching over 3,000 lectures for about 33 years given on the five continents of the world ,including spiritual messages and readings through His great spiritual abilities. And the teachings are spread all over the world, producing believers’ activities in more than 100 countries.

It was right after the trailer of the movie, “Immortal Hero”, which received 22 awards at film festivals in 6 countries in the world, being selected as an Official Selection of the San Diego International Film Festival in USA, was screened with a thunderous applause. The MC announced that the simultaneous screening on the same day in Canada with Japan and USA had been determined, producing great expectations from the attendees who gathered at the venue.

At the end of the welcoming program, the truth that human beings are born from the spiritual world and Happy Science’s principal teachings of the Fourfold Path consisting of love, wisdom, self-reflection and progress were shown. Then a video, “What is the Truth,” which shows how the life of each person changes through learning the teachings, and how Happy Science wishes to change the world, was screened.

After this video, the venue was surrounded by a sacred atmosphere that is worth waiting for Master Okawa, who is the Master to preach those teachings, to give a lecture. Then, the MC finally announced the starting of the lecture.

The future of Canada as it should be, and the path the world should go towards

On the stage which inspires an image of the sun of Truth rising in the blue sky of Canada, Master Okawa was welcomed with a standing ovation. He taught in the lecture on the following topics, showing the “future that should be chosen” by the Canadian people and also by humanity.

・How He sees the political situation in Canada, whose general election is approaching.
・Communist ways of thinking that are hidden in the argument on global warming that denies prosperity.
・The perspective Canada and Japan should have on the Hong Kong issue.
・The three characteristics of totalitarian nations and how to discern them.
・How we should see LGBT which is spreading throughout the world in spiritual and national terms.

He mentioned the following points, responding to questions from 3 people in the audience in the Q&A session afterwards.

●How to manage worldwide activities through nurturing leaders

●How to save young people who are suffering from drug dependency

●What mindset that countries of the world should have to enter the Golden Age

Lastly, after the Q&A ended, there was a surprise…

Kazuhiro Ichikawa, Chief Director of the Happy Science International Headquarters, presented a bouquet to Master Ryuho Okawa, who has been accumulating over 3,000 lectures. Master Okawa received the bouquet with a full smile, showing it to the audience, then left the stage receiving a big applause.

At the venue on that day, tens of new believers were born. Many attendees visited the book booth and there were also a lot of messages from attendants who were so moved by the lecture.

・ Exciting, a lot of information about 2020. I like to become a devotee for the 3,000 Anniversary. The teachings of the 2020, and how to fight poverty left the deepest impression on me. I will apply these teachings to my life by attending lectures at the local temple of Toronto.


I notice Master really focuses on the topic “Real Responsibility” of being a true leader for the world. This real responsibility starts with being spiritual and guiding people to greater happiness, such as solving the problems of poverty and confusion in the world. What I said above….I want to add that some of the biggest problems we are facing in North America, such as Mental Health, Depression and Addiction is spiritual education. I can apply the teachings today by taking full responsibility in my own life first, by deepening my knowledge of the Truth and living with a spiritual perspective of life.

(Male・20’s・Chinese Canadian)

This is the moment, the day I have been waiting to hear his presence, his voice and the message. We all could acquire spiritual power and must use it to heal people and save the people all around the world.

(Female・50’s・Originally from Kazakhstan(Living in Canada))

This lecture will change the entire world. Thank you for speaking your infinite power. Thank you for saving the world. The message that angels will awaken all over the world to spread miracles to ignite the golden age. We will give our greatest. In every moment of every day. Your teachings will be my guidance. Thank you for saving the world.

(Male・20’s・Philippine Canadian)

The lecture was so hopeful and beautiful! The lecture clearly stated what we needed to know to be able to contribute to the Golden Age as human beings. When Master said that Canada and North America must help China and for Canada for develop their faith and economy. To become the teachers those who needs suffering. I wish to become a leader that I can inspire and being the Truth to the LGBT community. I also wish to contribute to the prosperity to North America through the Truth and earning business.

Many ways to understanding people who are different from us and how we can develop the sense to truly recognize other people’s Buddha Nature.


・ It was a very inspiring lecture. Your concern and love for people around the world left the deepest impression on me. The intangible values of love, peace, happiness and more importantly the pursuit of truth in life is important to all of us. We need to spread these messages. We need concrete actions. We, Canadians, and people around the world should support the Hong Kong people fighting for human rights, freedom, and rule of love and democracy. This is an international issue, not just a Hong Kong issue.

(Female・Canadian・Human Rights Activist)

・ I think it is amazing. His message is to fight against the God’s enemy. More than 3 million Uyghur Muslim people in Chinese concentration camp facing death and torture. China declared to fight against God. To stop this evil government is my mission. Thank you very much for your amazing speech. You are strong people and around the world fighting against the evil. I strongly support your mission. Uyghur people in East Turkistan need your support as well. Use people’s power around the world to create strong movement against China’s expansion to the world. Thank you very much.


This lecture, “The Reason We Are Here” and “Q & A” is available from October 7th (Mon) at Happy Science branches and shojas around the world. Please find your nearest Happy Science Temples.

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