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Available from September 30, 2018
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In advance to Master Ryuho Okawa‘s lecture in Germany this October, Master Okawa summoned the guardian spirit of Prime Minister Merkel and asked some questions related to Germany.

< Points >

● President Trump, President Putin, Prime Minister Xi-Jinping, and Prime Minister Abe- What are the evaluations for these world leaders?
● The most powerful leader of the EU- Where does her source of philosophy and idealistic thinking come from?
● Using China’s wealth for the salvation of poor people!? What is Chancellor Merkel’s true feelings about China’s Hegemony?
● Neither the United Nations nor the EU. A new global structure that Chancellor Merkel aims for.
● Her guardian spirit is… ?! Revealing the world famous philosopher’s present reincarnation.
● Important messages to Germans and Europeans.

< Reference lecture >

“Jesus Christ’s Answers In English”

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“The Laws of Faith”

“The Laws of Justice”