“Space People Reading in English”

Length: 105min
Category: Space people reading
Available from September 16, 2018
Available at branches, local temples, main temples

-This is the first space people reading conducted in English.

< Points of Reading 1 >

-There are two suns!? The world of Deneb in Cygnus are described for the first time.
-A princess of Deneb, and her incarnations during the age of Alpha, Elohim and Atlantis.
-She was born in modern France as a famous empress?

< Points of Reading 2 >

-On the evolution of the lily-type Venusians created by El Miore.
Ameno-mioya-gami (ancient Japanese Shinto God) had two children when he was in Andromeda?
-Finally revealed: the appearance of the soul sibling of El Cantare when He was on Vega. What was His name at that time?

< Viewer’s comment >

-I learned that various kinds of souls have reincarnated on different planets for billions of years and have now gathered on Earth. I felt how wonderful it is to live on Earth. (Male, 30’s)