Master Ryuho Okawa’s special grand lecture, “The Choice of Humankind” was held on Wednesday August 2nd, 2017.

Over 50,000 people gathered at Tokyo Dome, and the event was broadcasted live to 3,500 different locations around the world. We are grateful for not only to the members who attended, but also to the many non-members who participated in the event.

22 years since His last grand lecture at Tokyo Dome

Finally, the day has come. Happy Science held a grand special lecture at Tokyo Dome for the first time in 22 years. As the audience from all over the world gathered, by mid-afternoon, Tokyo Dome was gradually filled with an incredible amount of excitement.

Various booths of the Happy Science Group were set up at the Tokyo Dome arena and along the concourse. The booths welcoming the visitors included IRH Press, the Happiness Realization Party, Happy Science Academy, Happy Science University, International Headquarters, and New Star Production, and ARI Production that introduced new movies and talent activities.

Yoshiko Sengen’s (formerly Fumika Shimizu) first performance of themovie theme song: “Through the Sleepless Nights.”

At 6.30pm, Yoshiko Sengen (Fumika Shimizu/ARI Production) gave her first singing performance of “Through the Sleepless Nights” (Theme song for the movie: ‘Goodbye Youth, But Still Youth’ [tentative title]). Her first challenge as a singer enlivened the audience, in anticipation for the upcoming movie release.

The leading actor of the movie “Goodbye Youth, But Still Youth” will be Hiroshi Okawa (New Star Production), who was the MC at Tokyo Dome, while Yoshiko Sengen will play the heroine. The movie is expected to be released in the summer of 2018. Don’t miss it!

Next on the program was the Happy Science introductory video followed by dedication music. Finally, the time came for Master Ryuho Okawa to take the podium.

Master Ryuho Okawa’s lecture: “The Choice of Humankind”

Once Master Ryuho Okawa stood at the podium, the venue was overwhelmed with great applause, cheering and emotion. Master Ryuho Okawa first spoke about his immense feelings toward realizing His lecture at Tokyo Dome for the first time in 22 years. He then spoke on the following:

  • The meaning of spreading the teachings from Tokyo Dome to the world
  • The truth of the creation of humankind and the name of the God of Origin
  • The future of humanity will depend on America’s decision on North Korea
  • The fear of socialist totalitarian nations in which freedom is greatly restricted.
  • How to end wars resulting from religion and materialism
  • What is the “Choice of Humankind” given from the God of the Earth who is the origin of all major religions of the world.

Master Ryuho Okawa’s Lecture, “The Choice of Humankind”, will be available for viewing in all local branches and temples from August 2nd. Please contact your local branch or temple to watch the lecture.

Comments from attendees for Ryuho Okawa’s lecture in Tokyo Dome

  • Thank you, Ryuho Okawa, for your clear words. For me, as a geopolitical adviser, it was clear to understand what will happen soon. I agree that there is a wrong way that leads to aggression in this world. Your words are also my understanding: that there exists a God for all humans since the beginning of this planet Earth. I am ready, as a Happy Science member, to serve a new world – for a world in peace and with respect. Happy Science will be the new source to renew the world.(Male | 60s | Austria)
  • The lecture was an eye-opener on the problems facing the world today. It was summarized very well by Ryuho Okawa. We should make the world more peaceful and a better place for the generations to come.(Male | 60s | India)
  • Feeling His love was a unique experience that everybody should go through. This message will definitely unite everyone so we should keep spreading His teachings to everywhere. It was great!!!(Female |20s| Canada)
  • Ryuho Okawa is right! This is the time for all people in the world to decide what path we are going to take, because, right now, we are experiencing great suffering and hardships because of people’s selfishness. People in the world should now believe in the power of the supreme being, Lord El Cantare, so there will be a bright future for all humankind.(Female | 60s | The Philippines)
  • The thoughts and ideas of HS and the Master are of a better world. He spoke about the many challenges brought about religion, politics and economics that do not allow humanity to progress to a peaceful and sustainable future. The teaching of life makes a lot of sense. There are points I think I did not understand for the translation where I did not understand of he was talking at first or second person but wonderful lecture.(Male| 40s | South Africa)
  • The lecture was very powerful! I felt the Lord’s strength and mercy flowing from the stage. I am so blessed to be here. I felt the urgency of his messages but also I felt the Lord’s compassion in allowing us the opportunity to hear this very important message and give us the choice to understand the importance of missionary work.(Male| 30s | USA)