“In front of the Grand Master,
the grand soul of El Cantare, please make a new start
on your life.”

From the lecture “El Cantare in Kawashima”

Join us to celebrate these special events this year!

2017 International Events

Holy Land Pilgrimage 2017
July 28th – 30th in Shikoku, Japan

Holy Land El Cantare Seitankan
Reborn and Restart Your New Life


Established in Kawashima, where Master Ryuho Okawa has descended. It is a place where you can feel the Lord’s great mercy and renew your soul, being also a land of forgiveness and salvation. “Be Reborn and Restart Your New Life” in front of the Great El Cantare Statue!

“A Sacred Mind” Koan Seminar
Special Spiritual Guidance by Saint Paul


Ascend the stairs of conversion throughout the 6 Koans and be reborn as the embodiment of the sacred mind itself. It is a seminar to take your faith to a higher dimension and awaken the true believer in you, embraced by the Lord’s Light of mercy!

Prayer from the Sacred Land of Rebirth of Buddha
Spiritual Guidance by Buddha


Special Ritual Prayer limited to Holy Land El Cantare Seitankan. Renew your resolution to spread this Truth to the end of the world and fulfil your mission entrusted by the Lord!

Voice_Male_South Africa

“A place we can be directly connected to the Lord. We came from the other side of the world to meet God.” (Female, Brazil)

“I felt the presence of El Cantare all over that land. It opened my eyes in ways I never expected.” (Male, South Africa)


Application Deadline: May 31th (Wed)
To reserve, please consult with your local minister or contact us at email [email protected].