We would like to announce that one of Japan’s most promising young actresses and entertainers, Ms. Fumika Shimizu (22), who has been active in the TV and Film industry, has entered Happy Science priesthood.

Ms. Shimizu has been an ardent believer since childhood and has repeatedly taken part in religious activities such as participating in Master Ryuho Okawa’s lecture showing. Based on her religious values, she had pursued the show business out of benevolence and compassion to “bring joy and encouragement to people who are watching.” However, recently, despite her strong wish to appear in humanitarian films, the number of work that did not adhere to her beliefs increased such as roles in which the character consumes human flesh, etc. Hence, she had been trapped in fear and conflict that her agency would substantially deprive her of work if she declined these roles. As a result of working in a sort of “servitude” environment (which is forbidden by the Constitution of Japan) where she had no freedom to choose her work, her physical and mental health deteriorated. This February, she received diagnosis from her doctor that she must stop working, and is currently suspending all her entertainment business.

While such was taking place, “a spiritual interview with Ms. Shimizu’s guardian spirit” was recorded and released as the book, The Potential of the Actress Fumika Shimizu – An Interview With Her Guardian Spirit (available only in Japanese). Upon learning of this recording and publication, Ms. Shimizu came to realize her mission and destiny to “become the light of a lighthouse that illuminates the dark ocean and bring salvation to as many people as possible.” She resolved to become a religious professional that “devotes 24/7 to the salvation of souls” and made the decision to become a renunciant priest at Happy Science. We, as a religious organization, have witnessed the necessity for an immediate action to provide religious salvation, and have accepted her to pursue a professional path in the organization. Once her health recovers, she will begin her religious activities. We ask that everyone would watch over her with a compassionate heart.

February 12, 2017

Happy Science Group

Public Relations Division