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● A Guide for the Mind: Missionary Work Surpassing Sadness
● Contemplation Points: Missionary Work Surpassing Sadness
● 30th Anniversary Photo: The 2016 Okawa Family
● Master’s Special Message: Knowing the Truth of This World & the Other World (Part 1)
● Book Highlight: “The Healing Power” book
● Special Report: Master’s lecture on The Laws of Justice
● Attendee’s Comments: Comments worldwide after watching Master’s lecture
● Special Report ii: Donald Trump’s Spiritual Message
● World News: The latest news from India, Indonesia and Brazil
● Special Events: Our Celebration Days in March
● Plan Your Year Ahead: 2016 – A New Beginning with El Cantare
● Happy Science Contacts: Our local branches and temples around the world

An image video for the Guide for the Mind is available for your deeper understanding.

We also have a print-edition with full-content articles available at your local temple.
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