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The Laws of Invincible Leadership

How to Keep on Succeeding

The Laws of Invincible Leadership is a breakthrough philosophy of success based on the belief that we can achieve continuous success in all the situations we face in life and in enterprise. The key is a paradigm shift in established ideas: the belief that spiritual happiness and success go hand in hand. This book provides the golden rules that anyone can follow to become an invincible winner, from young students to business executives who aspire to become leaders. It offers expert advice and real-life modern examples of how to develop strategies, tactics, and the mentality and ability that you need to be a successful manager. Don’t let failures, challenges, and adversity stop you from achieving happiness and success—let The Laws of Invincible Leadership help you seize opportunities for continuous success in the face of any difficulty.


List Price: $14.95
Paperback: 202 pages
Publisher: IRH Press Co., Ltd (March 17, 2015)
ISBN-10: 1941779530
ISBN-13: 978-1941779538

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