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Happy Science Monthly 260

As the crisp breeze begins to blow colorful leaves away, it is an ideal time to start reflecting back on the year and give our gratitude. In this issue, we have A Guide for the Mind on theimportance of having strong faith. Master’s Special Message is the last part of the series on stress management. Gabriel from Brazil shares with us his passion for spreading the Truth. We have a happy announcement of Sayaka and Naoki Okawa’s marriage. Also, there is a celebration of the First Turning of the Dharma Wheel. Let’s all offer our gratitude and keep spreading the Truth to create an ideal world!


● A Guide for the Mind: Establish Your Faith
● Contemplation Points: Establish Your Faith
● Master’s Special Message: Tips on Stress Management (Part 4)
● Member Story: A Passion to Spread the Truth (By Gabriel)
● New Group Seminars: Sharing our Faith and Passion
● New Book Release: Invitation to Happiness–7 inspirations from your inner angel
● Congratulations on Your Marriage!: Sayaka and Naoki Okawa’s marriage
● World News: The latest news from Brazil, Malaysia, Nepal, Russia and India
● Upcoming Event: Celebration of the First Turning of the Dharma Wheel
● Movie News: The voiceover cast for ‘The Laws of the Universe–Part 0’ movie
● Happy Science Contacts: Worldwide Contacts and Canada local branches spotlight

An image video for the Guide for the Mind is available for your deeper understanding.

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