“In front of the Grand Master,
the grand soul of El Cantare, please make a new start
on your life. You must be a ‘twice born’ person.”

From the lecture “El Cantare in Kawashima

Join us to celebrate these special events this year!

2017 International Events

2017 International Spring Retreat
April 4th to 7th in Shikoku & Nagoya, Japan

Welcome everyone of every nationality. This can be your chance to be reborn! In this international retreat, Happy Science invites all English speaking people of the world, members and non-members alike, to participate in genuine spiritual training to attain true happiness and enlightenment. You will be able to deepen your faith and change your life for the better. We will visit holy places and attend many great events. It will be the time of your life! Also, most likely there will be cherry blossoms this time of year. Please see the schedule below for more information.

Tuesday, April 4th
Shikoku Shoshinkan (Orientation)


Spring Retreat Flyer
For more information, please contact your local branch or email

Wednesday, April 5th
El Cantare Seitankan


Here we can experience being in front of the largest El Cantare Statue to feel the great light of heaven shining down upon us. This is where you can be re-born and restart your new life. You will be able to take the new ritual prayer: Prayer from the Sacred Land of the Rebirth of the Buddha.

Thursday, April 6th
Nagoya Memorial Hall


This is a very special place because Master Okawa lived here for 2 years before founding Happy Science. And it is where after a 3-day ordeal, Master conquered the devil and attained enlightenment. It is also the place where he wrote his first book.

April 6th to April 7th
Nagoya Shoshinkan


Koan Seminar
How to Become an Affluent Person after Overcoming Sorrow
Dale Carnegie is now one of the guiding spirits of Nagoya Shoshinkan. Master said, When I was young I learned a great deal from the books of Dale Carnegie. This seminar will renew your enthusiasm for missionary work. Also, there will be a Ritual Prayer Ceremony: Conquering of the Devil and Attaining Enlightenment which has 6 kigans including; Prayer to Repel the Evil Spirit of a Living Person and Defeat Ill Thoughts.

Saturday, April 8th
ISE Shrine (Optional)


This is the most revered shrine in Japan where the Prime Minister and Emperor visit at the beginning of every year.This Shinto shrine is dedicated to the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu-O-Mikami.

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